This is the home of Ben Marlow, London based Filmmaker and Director of Photography. ‘Over the last 20 years, I have been making documentaries, promotional films and music videos. After making the leap into filming with DSLRs, I have created a style by bringing the ‘film look’ to any project I undertake. After a huge amount of investment I have accrued the kit to take on almost any job I come across, from sliders and tracks up to steadicams and cranes I have been very lucky to travel to some amazing places that I would never have visited if it wasn’t through work and my last overseas work saw me win the highly commended award for Best Corporate Video at the Institute of Videography national awards.

‘I’ve always wanted to tell stories to the best of my ability in whatever medium I had, writing, photography, film. So it was natural for me to become a filmmaker, but I couldn’t have become a filmmaker without first being a good storyteller’ – Ben Marlow