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Thomas Royall

www.thomasroyall.com approached me to shoot some instagram videos for their upcoming swimwear range.



It was a dream job as my brief was exactly this ‘Do what you want with it, we trust you entirely’. Music to my ears. I knew it was going to be a great shoot straight away. Not only did I have full creative license, but I was working with the immensely talented models https://www.instagram.com/maxhamilton_/?hl=en (can you make this a back link and write Max Hamilton) and Ianthe Rose https://www.instagram.com/iantherose/?hl=en Working with these two was an absolute dream. Their chemistry was fantastic and every shot seemed to be a winner!



The setting for this shoot was a beautiful secluded beach in Portugal and this was my first time working with awesome photographer www.adamfussel.com and we have since shot quite a few campaigns together. Adam is an awesome photographer and a top lad to boot. We also had little vinnie, who was absolutely awesome, modelling the kids swimwear range. What a little legend!!!


White Car Tesla Promo

I have been in love with Tesla Model S ever since I first sat in one quite a few years back so I was absolutely thrilled when http://white.car/home asked me to shoot a promo for them at the amazing www.hedsor.com a magnificent country house in Buckinghamshire, UK.

Tesla at Hedsor House – White Car Promo from Ben Marlow on Vimeo.

Whitecar are an awesome rental company who have a fleet of Teslas available for rent and this promo was to put White Car into the wedding space
I had a fairly open brief which was fantastic. I planned to shoot a host of sexy car shots with the inclusion of the romanticism of a newly married couple. I decided I would shoot with the my Sony FS5 on a Ronin and a DJI Phantom 4 for the aerial shots.
I worked alongside www.jayrowden.com my colleague and long time friend who is immensely talented and we managed to get the job done in the tiny hour long window that we had the cars and venue from
make up was provided by the super talented http://www.thebeautybees.co.uk/ and the dress was a beautiful gown by http://www.emmavictoriapayne.com/

Sula Iron & Gold, Sierra Leone Exploration, Proactive Media

My summer holiday this year was cut short. Just as I was relaxing away the stresses of a jam-packed summer, by the pool with my kids, I received the call to say the Sierra Leone trip I’d be waiting to plan had to go ahead – and it had to be now. We had been waiting to shoot this promo for Proactive Investors for quite some time and I wasn’t going to let the opportunity slip!
So I packed my bags, got a taxi to the airport, flew to London, got a taxi home, packed my bags, got a taxi to Heathrow and jumped on the next plane out to Sierra Leone. It was hectic but truly one of the most incredible experiences. Arriving at the airport was nothing else I’d ever experienced, there were people everywhere! It was overwhelming to say the least.
The site we were working on was well over 300km from Freetown airport, so I got my head down and was up at 5am to meet my driver Mr Vasalli to start the 6 hour trek through the jungle to the Sula exploration site. I saw some incredible sights on this journey, within 5 minutes I had my camera out of it’s bag and had started shooting. It was incredibly overcast and quite a dark day so I couldn’t really use an awful lot of footagebut I got some cracking stuff. One particular favourite was the trio on a motorbike. You gotta love those red slippers!

My brief was to shoot a promo, but with a cinematic feel to tell a story rather than sell a product. I shot with an FS700 a Canon 5d Mk3 and a Gopro3. I wanted the slow mo from the FS700, the versatility/small form factor of the 5d


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In a New York Minute (and a half)

In October of last year I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend the Philip Bloom A7s workshop hosted by B&H in New York. Having used the A7s quite extensively and already feeling comfortable with the camera, I had to make a decision as to whether or not this would be worth the plane ticket. I knew there wasn’t an awful lot more for me to learn about the camera, but I’m really glad I made the effort. I made some great new friends and got to shoot in one of the places I love shooting most, The Big Apple

It was great to attend a workshop with Philip. He is so incredibly knowledgeable and I think everyone in our industry owes him a massive thank you for his dedication to increasing the knowledge of millions of filmmakers around the world. It was actually one of Philip’s films that inspired me to buy my first DSLR all those years ago and it changed my career forever. So on behalf of the filmmaking community and myself, thank you

I kept my subject pretty basic for this film. I just wanted to get the vibe of NYC across as best I could. Of course, the city is bustling and sound would play a rather large part in this short film. I used a Rode Videomic Pro, obviously an A7s and a Canon 50mm 1.2, 100-400mm lens and a 16-35 2.8 all with Metabones adapter for the time lapses. I shot the time lapses with Sony’s time lapse app which worked pretty well

Music – A. Taylor, Treeline at Night supplied by The Music Bed


Ice Bucket Challenge

Being a filmmaker, with a pretty vast array of cameras and kit at my disposal, it’s fair to say my ice bucket challenge was never going to be a standard one angle iPhone shot. With my fairly recently acquired Sony FS700 with its super slow motion capability there was only really one way this was going to go…

As I was the subject of the film, I had to draft in the services of trusted friends Kate Addison and Nick Lloyd. We shot at golden hour so had to get it all shot pretty quickly. For speed we shot all of the lead up shots with the Sony A7s and drafted the FS700 in just for the slow motion ‘money’ shot. I failed to explain the whole slow-mo  buffering situation so the first bucket of water dropping on my head didn’t actually get caught on camera. We were losing light fast so Kate ran into the house, dried my t shirt with a hairdryer and we rushed outside to get the shot again. The light was even nicer second time around

So here it is, my Ice Bucket Challenge. I donated ALS (MND is the same thing), I also donated to Cancer Research UK as it got my charitable juices flowing


Serious New Website – Silly First Blog Post


Well it may as well have been a silly blog post to get the ball rolling!

After much excitement in the week leading up to our ski holiday in Lech, Austria, the inevitable happened – I got tonsillitis!
Kate, Craig, Nicola, Claire and Chris head up the mountain, Ben stays in bed. Bad times. After a constant flurry of pictures coming through on Whats app of all my buddies, skiing, drinking champagne, skiing, drinking Aperol Sprits etc, I decided to document how my day was going. So here are the 4 photographs from the album ‘Ben’s First Day Skiing’

All taken with my beloved Sony A7s with available light


‘Warm Saltwater’



‘This shit is getting serious’



‘Working Through the Pain’



And finally, ‘Dreaming of the Slopes’